• Employ Software Robots to Perform Repetitive Finance Processes at a Fraction of the Cost

    Manual repetitive tasks are a waste of human talent. ESSPA complies with existing IT infrastructure and integrates your finance applications so processes can be executed by software robots and orchestrated from a centralised platform. Enable everyday finance staff to configure their own automations and employ a robotic workforce to carry out end-to-end processes.

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How Does ESSPA Work?

ESSPA Finance is an IT-compliant, Robotic Process Automation platform that connects enterprise applications so processes can be executed by software robots and orchestrated from a centralised platform. Effectively, it is the glue that enables you to leverage and extend these applications so that repetitive manual tasks can be executed by robots instead of people.
Catalogue of Application Connectors

Catalogue of Application Connectors

ESSPA already understands how hundreds of enterprise applications work. It can read, manipulate and add information between applications without relying on the IT department or vendors to reconfigure them.

Massive FTE Savings with Software Robots

Massive FTE Savings with Software Robots

ESSPA delivers a centralised platform for rules-based workflow automation and reporting by integrating your existing applications. Business users define workflows between applications and schedule tasks, ESSPA employs a software robot to execute the process. A software robot workforce is infinitely scalable and results is massive FTE savings.

Automate End-to-End Finance Processes

Automate End-to-End Finance Processes

Because ESSPA is so empowering to use, it enables the business to drive its own process automation and improvement initiatives – without costly or hard-to schedule IT help.

Customers Testimonials

Roy Blackwell

Financial Assurance / Telstra

The capability and solution provided far exceeded our expectations. Our team are excited about the platform and possibilities of processes that can be further automated.

Stan Mingos

IT Program Manager / Telstra

The finance shared services team have a powerful weapon to implement Process Improvement.

Why Use ESSPA?

The team behind ESSPA is local Melbourne based team with over 10 years experience in finance and automation.

  • Reduce costs by up to 90% by transforming repetitive manual processes into scheduled automated processes
  • Increase quality by eliminating human error
  • Realise efficiency by improving processes and analysing performance over time
  • Reduce risk by consolidate and share frequently used data sources in a secure, controlled environment
  • Become agile and adapt easily to business change