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Process Mapping

What is process mapping?

Process mapping is a way to graphically illustrate the way a process, or a series of processes, is executed within an organisation. Process maps can be very simple or very complex, some even comprising of multiple levels in a single process. Process maps help a business visualise where a process begins, where it ends, what […]

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process repository

Using Process Repositories for Business Process Management

When it comes to business process management, things don’t always run as smoothly as we would like them to – even with large budgets allocated towards process improvement initiatives. As an organisation grows, so does the list of processes needing to be tracked. This includes processes performed by humans and computer systems alike. However, many […]

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Staff Engagement

How Australian Companies are Using Staff Engagement Programs for Process Improvement

It’s no secret that a group of well-performing employees working at the very peak of their abilities is much more likely to be consistent if they’re completely engaged in the work they’re doing. When employees are having to complete tedious tasks that are both repetitive and viewed as time consuming – such as data entry […]

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Top 10 takeaway points from the Process Excellence Summit and Awards 2013

The last Process Excellence conference offered some interesting insight on how Australian organisations were tackling process improvement. The main theme of conference soon emerged to be customer experience – almost every presentation touched on the subject. The list below revisits the interesting points raised at the conference. We were unable to attend all the sessions, […]

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