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The Ultimate List of the Best BPM Resources 2013

The following BPM resources are considered to be high quality and which don’t require registration or cost money.

If you know of a particular resource (not a whole website) let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list.

Blogs and Community Blogs


The PROCESSpedia community blog is our own homegrown community. Our aim is to provide fresh content on BPM and provide a space for BPM professionals to contribute their expertise through blogging and a Q&A forum.

Bruce Silver’s Blog

We have mentioned this one before in our Top 10 Blogs to follow and Bruce’s blog makes it here too.

BPM Leader

BPM Leader is an excellent community site with dedicated contributors. Well worth reading and a great way to connect with thought leaders in the BPM space.

Connie Moore

Connie Moore’s blog is hosted at Forreset and provides short and to the point posts about effective BPM strategies.

BPM Redux

Theo post regularly on contemporary BPM issues such as gamification and social BPM.

Successful Workplace

This is a blog where they cut through the jargon and look at companies that are working well. A good overview of process management.

Process Ninja

Craig Reid post regularly and with a good level of depth. He is often involved in the wider community publishing across multiple networks.

Clay Richardson

Clay is another contributor for the Forrester community blogs. He blogs on current trends and provides insight into what some of the big companies are doing with BPM.

Great Posts and Articles

Five Predictions for How BPM Will Evolve

This is an excellent article about BPM predictions. He covers how managers and workers will utilise process models and how software will facilitate process improvement.

Gartner reveals top predictions for 2013-2016

Gartner carry large scale research and report on their findings. These predictions are brief but provide plenty of ideas about the future of BPM.

Three Levels of Process Modeling with BPMN

When first learning how to model processes, it’s important to understand the different levels of processes. This article covers descriptive modelling, analytical modelling and executable modelling.


ESSPA BPM Glossary

This is our glossary of BPM terms and concepts. This is an ever expanding glossary that we endeavour to keep up to date with current concepts.

What is Process Management?

This is our 7-part guide to understanding what process management is. It covers topics such as the responsibilities of BPM roles and how to keep staff engagement BPM initiatives.

OMG BPMN Documentation

The BPMN documentation is essential for learning BPM notation. These documents provide a taxonomy of symbols along with examples process models with in-depth explanations.

OMG BPMN by Example

This document is structured more as a set of tutorials for learning BPMN 2.0. It has real world examples of process models such as the Shipment Process of a Hardware Retailer and Incident Management.

This is my opinion the best way to learn BPMN.

State of Business Process Management in 2012 by Gartner

This is a very in-depth report looking at trends and statistics, survey data and theoretical trends on BPM adoption and usage.

Global Business Process Management Report by Capgemini

This is an in-depth report for a study carried out by Capgemini. The study involved over 1,100 participants from CXOs, senior business managers, IT directors, managers and other decision makers.

BPM Project Management Templates

7 must have templates for every BPM Project manager

The templates provided are

  • BPM Project Estimation Template
  • BPM Solution Proposal Template
  • BPM Minutes of Meeting
  • Weekly BPM Project Status Reporting Template
  • BPM Change Request Template
  • BPM Workflow Production Launch Checklist Template
  • Business Process Quick Reference Card Template

These are a great set of resources which can be adapted when carrying out a BPM initiative.

Presentations, Webinars and Podcasts

Tutorials & Courses

BPM Resource Centre

This site is designed to provide business managers and analysts with a range of free training material. They have a whole heap of video tutorials making it easy to digest.

How to Understand BPMN – a Tutorial with Examples

This is our own tutorial on learning BPMN. It includes a taxonomy of symbols and a video explanation of a procurement process model example.

Associations / Organisations

Software (either free or with a free option)

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