Top 10 BPM Blogs to Follow

If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for the next big trend or event in BPM. I get all of my information straight from the source by following these bloggers.

  • Bruce Silver This goes without saying – what this man doesn’t know about BPMN isn’t worth knowing. I mean, he did help write it…

  • Craig Reid at the Process Ninja is an Australian guy who blogs semi-regularly about process management. He’s passionate and his posts are detailed and enjoyable.

  • Connie Moore is the Forrester Analyst for BPM. She writes interesting and topical industry-related posts.

  • Theo Priestley is a BPM blogger who has been listed as one of the top 50 influencers in case management worldwide. He’s not afraid to challenge current topics and he posts very regularly.

  • Successful Workplace is a blog where they cut through the jargon and look at companies that are working well. A good overview of process management.

  • Adam Deane is the CTO of a BPM startup and he has his own blog, as well as BPM quotes and other blogs to follow. He posts regularly and has informative and interesting content.

  • Thomas J. Olbrich runs a blog in both German and English and he is a leading expert on process management. While he hasn’t posted recently, there is great content on his blog.

  • ebizQ, while not technically a blog run by one person, is a really great forum for up to the minute discussions from a wide range of industry professionals.

  • Ashish Bhagwat blogs regularly at the Eclectic Zone and covers a wide range of topics.

  • Jim Sinur writes at the Gartner Network and blogs regularly about BPM hot topics.

I also want to include BPM Leader. While no a specific blogger and more of a community like ours, I think they are doing some really great stuff with plenty of high quality material.

By following these blogs I stay current and up to the minute about what’s happening in the world of BPM. Are there any that aren’t on here that you think should be included?

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